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Combo - 9 to 3 Four Square and Motorcycle

The motorcycle move works on rotating the shaft during the downswing. Rotating the shaft during the downswing is a hallmark of golfers with greater consistency. But, if you rotate the shaft you'll want to combine it with a shallower path. A shallower path also is a hallmark of golfers with greater consistency. This drill combination allows you to work on both at the same time. It also helps you clarify the feedback of reading ball flight curve.

Playlists: Fix Your Cast, Fix Your Flip, Squaring The Club Face Explained, Fix Your Slice, Motorcycle Move Training, Fix Your Chicken Wing (Bent Arm @ Impact), Understand Your Swing Plane/Path, Get More Distance, Fix Your Hook, Swing Plane Simplified - Working with steeps and shallows

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Early Extension, Chicken Wing, Cast, Draw vs Fade, Speciality Shot, Iron, Driver, Fairway Wood, Impact, Follow Through, Transition, Release, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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