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9 To 3 - Motorcycle

The first step toward learning to integrate the motorcycle movement is hitting solid 9-3 shots. The common way to start this pattern is to make a backswing to the 9 position, pause, close the face with the motorcycle movement, then proceed to start the downswing while keeping the face alignment. On a shortish shot, like this 9 to 3, you can hold the finish and accurately check how well you maintained the movement throughout.

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Cast, Draw vs Fade, Impact, Drill, Beginner

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The drill is 9 to 3 motorcycle training.

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So when you're working on the motorcycle, it's important to get used to having that lead

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wrist a little bit more inflection as you're going through the release.

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So 9 to 3 motorcycle training is a simple drill to get used to your wrist already being

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flexed at the point when you get the shaft to parallel and then keeping that wrist flexed

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all the way as you go through to impact.

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In the full swing because there's going to be a lot of pivot speed, you're not actually

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going to be able to keep that wrist flexed, but if you're doing slow motion or 9 to 3

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style swings, you may be able to keep it completely flexed or partially flexed.

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So here's how it works.

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You're going to go back to that starting position from the 9 to 3 and you can see from the

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downline camera angle that there's an angle right here, right?

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There's a little bit of space.

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That would be perfectly flat.

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If I had my normal grip and just did a one piece take away, I'll still have a little

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bit of angle here.

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Now what I want to do is I'm going to flex so that now I've changed that angle about 25 degrees.

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So I go from here, I flex.

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Now it looks like that club face has closed because it has and now my goal is to keep

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that same amount of flex pretty much until impact or actually feel like I increase it

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to impact.

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And then as my arms extended on the way through all tend to lose it.

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So from the face on view, go to that waist height, motor cycle, now keep that motor cycle

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all the way until here.

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And I can check it to make sure that at this waist height position, I haven't lost it

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completely that I haven't re-extended that wrist like that.

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So I'm getting to here, motor cycle and then keep that motor cycle on the way through.

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This is a great way to start training what it's going to feel like during the release to

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have that motorcycle movement already of a curve.

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Now in the full swing, the motorcycle movement can either happen to end your backswing

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at the top of the swing during transition kind of right down here.

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But most guys are going to have it the majority of it started by the time the club is

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about waist height.

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So this drill gets you used to, will if I had already done the motorcycle, now what

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is it going to feel like what am I going to experience, how am I not going to hit it left?

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Because if you're used to squaring the face more with releasing the shaft vertically or

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releasing the shaft to square up the face, then what'll happen is if you motorcycle and

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you did that, it's going to go away left.

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You can do this either as a movement where you're going to kind of slowly pause in this

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transition to allow that motorcycle to happen or you can do it in a positional drill where

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you're going to go to that nine to three position, close the face and then from here, just

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release through.

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So this gets you to work on that lead reflection which is a key component to having a really

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good rotation side bend, the lay of the arms, really important for building that flat spot

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and building your overall stock swing.

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