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Ball Flight Trident

This is one of my favorite drills for teaching students the skill of shaping shots and controlling club path. In contrast to the Four-Square drill, which uses "negative space" for feedback, the Ball Flight Trident uses "positive space". Or in other words, you have to focus on following the alignment sticks as opposed to avoiding them. When building your station, it is important to set the alignment sticks to roughly 15 degrees from the "center" stick; Trackman data has shown that this will generate some pretty strong curvatures. This will also challenge your ability to make significant changes in club path. Once setup, you should alternate from "straight", to "in-to-out", and then "out-to-in" paths. You can also use your setup or make swing changes to produce the (3) paths, depending on the desired difficulty. Overall, this is an excellent skill related drill for learning how to control shot shape and start line. 

Playlists: Practice Strategies, Understand Your Swing Plane/Path

Tags: Draw vs Fade, Practice Strategies, Drill, Intermediate

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