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Hinge And Hold - 9 to 3 Anti Flip

You are going to stick with the 9-3, waist to waist swings. But you are going to put more attention into holding the flying wedge or the wrists. One of the hardest skills for amateurs is learning to extend the arms without collapsing the wrist. In the lag section in level 3, we will get into it deeper, but the quick version is this. If the elbow is straightening and LEADING the motion, then the elbow will move before the wrist. If there is a casting motion, then the wrist will lead the elbow.

Tags: Follow Through, Release, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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The Stirl is called the hinge and hold and it's very similar to the 9-3 drill.

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We're just going to put our attention into our hands.

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So for those of you who are more feel, this will be a great drill for you to feel how the hands are releasing from impact to follow through.

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Now there's a whole section in layer 2 about the release, which we'll go into this in more detail.

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This is kind of important for where you are, for giving you something to focus on while you're practicing.

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So the hinge and hold is basically going to that 3 o'clock position, but having a little bit more of a wrist at.

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And what I mean by wrist at is if you put your hands out in front of you, just like so, you're going to get that left wrist pretty flat and that right wrist slightly cut, just like so.

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Okay, so you're going to set the hands.

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Like so, so that that left wrist is pretty flat and that right wrist has a little bit of a cup in it.

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This is simulating where the hands would be at this point in the downswing.

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From there, you're going to extend that right arm, but you're going to exaggerate and try to maintain the angle in your wrist and try to keep that left wrist flat.

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So instead of finishing all the way at 3 o'clock like so, for this particular drill, you're going to try and hold it off just like so, which is why it's called the hinge.

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And hold.

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So I'll demonstrate a couple again just for visual or just for an example purpose, but your job is not to make it look identical.

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Your job is to figure out your own way of kind of getting the main just into your swing.

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So working through that impact position and follow through, we're just now going to emphasize the hold for this particular drill.

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