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Adductor Merry Go Round

The adductor merry go round is useful for connecting the movements of the upper body to the movements of the legs. In order to get left rotation of the trunk, it is helpful to have your left inner thigh initiate the movement.

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Tags: Iron, Follow Through, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is the ad dr. Mary go round. So the

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Mary go round is a way to help you feel the proper body position for impact.

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And then you can focus on different pieces, whether it's where would

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be my arms be now or how do I get there. The ad dr.

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version is kind of helping you feel how the core and the legs work together to get you into this

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Mary you're out. So if you're familiar with the ad dr. Frisbee

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squeeze where we talk about using your ad drs which is your inner thighs to kind of pull

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yourself into that left side. Well the ad dr. Mary go round is basically using that

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to that pull motion from the inner thigh to trigger the rotation of the right side.

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So if I was to get in the good Mary go round set up and then I'll address a golf ball just

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so I have a consistent visual so that my eyes can get used to where my body position would be.

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And now I'm going to try and pull with this inner thigh and I'm going to use that activity

00:01:02,000 --> 00:01:10,000
in that inner thigh to initiate my rib cage. So I'm trying to feel kind of a crunch as

00:01:10,000 --> 00:01:17,000
as I'm doing this ad dr. Frisbee squeeze to pull myself into this body position.

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So if you have the tendency to kind of get on the outside of your foot or slide or even

00:01:22,000 --> 00:01:27,000
early extent it could be that you're using some different leg muscles and not your inner thigh

00:01:28,000 --> 00:01:34,000
to help get you into that bracing position. So I'll just demonstrate a couple times arms across.

00:01:34,000 --> 00:01:42,000
I'm going to pull with that inner thigh. I could alternatively have some tubing pulling my leg that way

00:01:42,000 --> 00:01:49,000
so that I focus on it squeezing in. So I'm pulling just like so pulling just like so.

00:01:49,000 --> 00:01:54,000
And then I can get a sense of well now if I was doing kind of a nine to three version

00:01:54,000 --> 00:02:01,000
what would it feel like for me to go through that and I can do that while hitting golf balls so

00:02:02,000 --> 00:02:11,000
pull just like so pull just like so feeling that inner thigh kind of triggering this rotation.

00:02:11,000 --> 00:02:16,000
So if you're working on the bracing component and getting into a more stable impact position

00:02:16,000 --> 00:02:21,000
use the inner thigh or the ad dr. Frisbee around to help with that process.

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