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Golf is a tricky sport. There are lots of things that are visually misleading and mentally confusing about making a good golf swing. One of the first challenges for a golfer to visualize is that the hands are going to be very different at impact than they were at set up.

At set up, the clubface is relatively square to the shaft, but if you want to have the handle ahead at impact, and have shaft lean, then the clubface will have to be closed (or turned more left/counter clockwise) compared to where it started. The club will look very closed if the body doesn't also change, but because the body has rotation, side bend, and more bend in the elbows than it did at set up, this matches the closed clubface in a way that it produces penetrating consistent ball flight with optimal distance.

If you have a hard time getting body rotation through impact, then this is probably a big reason why.

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