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Impact - Moving Through Key Points

  • More flexed than set up
  • Side tilt
  • Rt elbow bend but straightening
  • left wrist flat or bowed, right wrist cupped
  • Weight Left
  • Pelvis is not closer too much closer to the golf ball

While Impact is a tiny interval of time that happens during a flurry of movements, it’s position of alignments are so critical for success that we are going to spend a whole section on this checkpoint position. We will go over the movements of HOW we get to impact in layer 201, but many people have had success by intuitively connecting the dots from understanding what impact is designed to do. Essentially, at impact, your goal is to transfer energy as efficiently as possible into the golf ball. For this to take place, there are a few key desired positions and movements taking place. The spine will be more flexed than set up. There will be a significant amount of right side bend. The right elbow will be bent but straightening. The left wrist should be 20-30 degrees more flexed than set up. This will usually result in a wrist that is flat or bowed. The right wrist will be cupped 20 -30 degrees more than it was at set up. The vast majority of the weight will be on the left leg, which will be a result of having the pelvis over the left foot.

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