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Discussing Shaft Lean - Member Question

Golfers will often wonder why or how they need to create shaft lean at impact. This concept can be quite confusing at times, especially when one considers all of the variables in the swing. To answer the "why" of the question, we have to remember that our clubs are lofted anywhere from 60 degrees for a lob wedge to 8 degrees for a driver. In order to make sure that the ball is making contact with the center of mass, or sweet-spot, there is going to be some amount of shaft lean required at impact. This is going to ensure that the maximum amount of energy is transferred to the ball. In general, you'll want to have about 10-14 degrees of forward shaft lean for most shots. As for the "how" portion, we have to remember that shaft lean is not something a golfer wants to actively focus on creating. Instead, it is going to naturally occur as a product of the lower body shifting towards the target in transition and the fact that the upper body is rotating on an angle. So, if you are struggling with poor contact and an inability to control low point, you are going to want to key in on your weight shift and pivot. Properly combining these two movements will ultimately create the shaft lean for you and allow you to transfer the most energy to the ball without any conscious effort. 

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