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Finding Your Hips - How to Hinge In Set Up

One of the sure fire ways to make rotation during the backswing harder for you is to curve the spine, a great deal, to get down to the ball instead of bending from the hips. A good way to make sure that you are bending from your hips is to use a club to “lock” the spine in place while you bend from the hips themselves. The hips are located lower and more toward the center of your body than you think. In this video, I show you a couple ways to “find your hips" and get into a good golf set up posture.

3 ways to practice goo set up posture

Now that you know your hips, hold the club on your back, and bend forward. You can alternatively, hold the club on your front and bend forward. Lastly, you can hold the club across your hips, and push it backward. Then simply soften your knees and your body is almost in set up posture.

Getting set up with proper hip hinge is a great first step to consistent golf, to learn all the other key fundamentals to set up, and the rest of the swing, check out the related drills below or the rest of the membership area.

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