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Make Brushing Your Home Base

Working on your swing can be less painful if you follow this simple 3-step recipe:

  1. Change the movement in isolation
  2. Brush the ground while making the new movement combination
  3. Brush the ground and let the ball get in the way while making the new movement combination.

By following this three step process, you'll have the best chance of noticing why you are struggling to work in a new move. Knowing why a move is challenging for your swing will help you uncover how to improve it if you are sensitve to the timing of the set back. Is it when you swing harder? Is it when you swing softer? If it specific lies or clubs? Can you do it in a 9-3 but not in a full swing? Can you hit the ball solidly in a full swing but not a 9-3?

With good problem solving, you'll be able to make any swing change stick over time and enjoy a higher level of ball striking consistency than you are capable of right now.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Mental Game, Impact, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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