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Leave Your Arms Behind You

Sometimes, 2 things cannot happen simultaneously. In this case, you cannot lead your downswing with your core and have your arms extended in front of your chest at impact. The more that your body leads the swing, the more that your arms will be delaying the timing of when they extend.

Tags: Not Enough Distance, Impact, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is leave your arms behind you.

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So leave your arms behind you is a great drill for blending the transition into the release,

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but focusing on the body's turning aspect of the release and delaying that extension of the

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right arm.

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It's going to be much more critical for the longer clubs, but can be helpful, especially

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if you have too much of an indoor path or too much right word path in your suffering with

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either blocks or hooks.

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So leave your arms behind you is basically I'm going to get into that good delivery

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position and I'm going to try and get the club to be almost behind my back.

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Now keeping that club behind my back, I'm going to turn my body until that club that

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is behind my back is essentially even with the golf ball.

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So I'm going to get that club back behind my back and I'm going to turn my body until the

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club that is behind my back is roughly even with the golf ball.

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Now you can hit little pitches and little nine to three shots working on this drill.

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So I'm going to get the club behind my back and I'm basically going to turn trying to

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keep that club behind my back.

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I felt on that one that I kind of wanted to go with my arms just a little bit too

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soon and that's why I hit a little bit behind it.

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If I actually keep the club behind my back like so the only way that I'm going to get

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this club down to the golf ball is through enough rotation and side bend and so it helps

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me feel this delay of my arm motions.

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What I can then do is I can then use that feeling and kind of take bigger and bigger swings

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until I can feel like I get to write about here before those arms finally join into the

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party and get involved because with most of this what we see with the kinematic sequence is we

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want those arms to be delayed until somewhere down in here before they kind of reach their

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maximum impact into the swing.

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So you're going to feel like you keep these arms behind you.

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You're going to turn inside bend to get those arms behind you in contact with the golf ball.

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It's going to help you feel what it's like to actually have your chest open and be in

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this good merry-go-round or good impact position.

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So I'll show you real quick down the line or actually facing the camera.

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So just like so I'm going to get those levers behind me and I'm basically going to turn leaving

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my arms behind me so that when I make contact my chest is going to feel like it's way over here.

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What a lot of you are going to be struggling with is you are going to get those arms involved

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early and my chest and everything is going to be facing the ground or facing the golf ball

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kind of like so.

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We're going to try and get it to lag behind me kind of more like that.

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So this will help you with your angle of attack. This will help you with power.

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It's a great drill for working on your sequencing, working on your contact, but most importantly

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delaying this extension of that trail arm to help you get body better body positions

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for your impact position.

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