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Tic-tac-toe - Training Impact Position

While you are working on your impact position, it's helpful to also start working on sequencing. The big picture of the downswing is that the lower body will initiate the movement, followed by the core, followed by the shoulders and lastly the arms. This sequencing produces easy power and a shallow path, which helps with repeatability of the swing.

Tags: Impact, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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The stroke is tick-tacked toe and it's the help you work on your sequencing while you're

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practicing impact. So it kind of breaks down the movement of how we're going to get from

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the top of this weighing or from the nine to position to impact and into the follow-through

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or the three position. So I've got a golf ball and an alignment stick. Basically what I'm

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going to do is I'm going to put a reference line on the ground that's going to help me

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organize myself visually. I want it to be at about a 30 degree angle roughly in line with my

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or from a point in line with my left foot. So in order to do that I'm going to put a golf

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club on the ground. This gives me perpendicular to my target line which is now 90 degrees.

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Then I'm going to take a stick and I'm going to put it at about a 30 degree angle.

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So something kind of off like that even with about my left foot.

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Now tick-tacked toe is essentially this alignment, alignment stick is where I'm trying to get to when

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I get to impact. So it impact visually for me it feels like my lower body is pointed out there.

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My sternum or my chest is pointed out there and even though my shoulders are still relatively

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square to the target line my hands are pointed out there. So tick-tacked toe is a fun little

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9 to 3 drill where you can basically work on getting lower body pointed upper body pointed arms pointed

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and helps you exaggerate this sequencing of lower body core arms, lower body core arms.

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So I'll demonstrate a couple of facing the net and you can see a couple of different ways that we can use it.

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So let me get these. So now I'm going to visualize

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or actually we'll make it easier for you guys. So we'll put this back down at about that 30 degree angle.

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So my goal is from the top of the swing I'm going to get lower body pointed at that line

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then bottom of sternum or chest pointed at that line. So lower body chest and then hands and arms.

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So it'll look something like this. You can do it a couple different ways. You can either do it

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in a no stop just continuous motion version which would be kind of a 9 to 3.

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Like so or you can do it in a stop motion. So basically you're going to take that same setup.

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You're going to go to 9 to 3. You're going to do tick-tack toe. And anytime you're doing the

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stop motions it's going to be a little bit harder to hit it solidly but if you're in good position

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generally you'll be able to get pretty close. So we'll do one of the one more of those.

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So we're going to go 9 position tick-tack toe. That was a little better.

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Now it's very common when you're doing this drill and one of the things I want you to watch for

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is for the ball to go off to the right. If you're used to having impact

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the straight in front of you like so and you start getting more open. I don't know if you can see

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that but that automatically gets the club pointing a little bit off to the right. So this helps you

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focus on how you have to have that motorcycle already done by the time you get to this 9 position.

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This is your first time going through the impact section. The motorcycle will come into transition

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and be emphasized in the release. So it's going to be let's do that motorcycle now tick-tack toe.

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And you'll notice that'll go a little bit straighter and tend to be a little bit more crisp

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with contact. So this is a great drill for at home working on the sequencing or on the range working

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on the sequencing. Once you have a pretty good feeling of this lower body core arm sequencing

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you can take little bigger swings and work your way up to where you're taking them full.

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