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Turn Through Your Left Arm

This is a great drill for players who allow the arms to become overactive during transition and early into the release; a classic "tug" of the arms will usually result in pulls, steep contact, and most notably, a stall of the body. This stall occurs as the muscles used for pulling the arms will often rotate the shoulders in the opposite direction of the target, due to the location of their attachment points. 

If you fall into this pattern, you will want to focus on building a more shallow, body-driven delivery of the club. To do this, we need to allow for a stretch to be created in the lead shoulder. This will not only provide an additional power source, but it will also help with consistency & low-point control. Overall, the feeling of "turning through the left shoulder" has been one of the most useful cues for helping students accomplish this. 

Playlists: Fix Your Cast, Keys To Transition, Fix Your Flip

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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