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Fix The Club Face Closed

If you are struggling with closing the club face to the shaft, then "fixing" the club face in a closed position will help you overcome that barrier. With the club face closed, your brain has an opportunity to experiment with finding a path that would work with a closed club face. If you want a shallow path or you good body rotation, then you need to get comfortable with a face that is closed to the shaft.

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Transition, Intermediate

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This drill is fixed the club face closed.

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So in this drill, we're going to get used to having the club face closed to the shaft.

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So if you are working on the motorcycle, if you're working on getting the club face to rotate

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and feel more close to the shaft and you're trying to hit a draw, but you're still just

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not quite getting that feeling, this is a drill that I usually use to overcome the barrier

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of closing the club face.

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So basically what we're going to do is we are going to pre-close the club face to the

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shaft and then we're going to hit little 9 to 3s with that same feeling.

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So what that would look like is you'll take your normal grip and then you're going to close

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the club face to the shaft.

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So first thing I'll do is I'll let you kind of feel the weighting of the club.

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So when it straight up and now like this, the weight of the club goes through the shaft

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and it'll feel pretty light.

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And it turns like this, I may feel a little bit more resistance in this lead arm because

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the weight of the club is not going straight through or the weight of the club head is not

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going straight through the club shaft.

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This is the position or this is the feeling that you want to get used to because if I'm

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swinging on the way down in the club face, if the shaft is moving this way in the club

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face is perpendicular to it, then or sorry, parallel to it, then it would feel very

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much like the club going like this.

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So to get used to the club face feeling like it's moving close to the shaft, you have to

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get used to this weighted feeling kind of like that where it's a little bit asymmetric.

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So then the drill is relatively simple.

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All we're going to do is we're going to close the club face to just like this.

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We're going to make some waist height swings so that when we have this closed club face,

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it's coming in just slightly closed compared to the target.

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So I've got it closed like this and I'm basically going to hold that position with the

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wrist and I'm going to work on the timing of when I want those arms to extend.

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Then what I do is I can gradually start working down so pre-close, keep it in that closed

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position, just kind of feeling the weight of the club, feeling that club face relationship.

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Then I take my normal set, close that face, same thing and trying to brush the grass,

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but not hit the shanker.

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So what I'll end up having to do is when I hit shots, if I keep my normal path of just slightly

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outside it in, it's going to go way to the left.

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So what I have to do is I have to convince my brain that this is the right orientation.

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I'm going to keep that and I have to use the path and change the path just a little

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bit to get it to launch straight.

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So this helps you overcome that barrier of getting used to a face close to the path and

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starting to see what actually would produce a draw, um, ball flight.

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Once you have this feeling of this draw, ball flight, then you can play around with not

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starting with it closed, but closing it either at the backswing, at the top of this

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wing, or in transition.

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So once you have this feeling, you can then experiment with the other way.

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Can I get it really open and then shut it between there and impact.

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That will get you used to more of the timing of the downswing where I'm going to be closing

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it from about somewhere around here, doing the motorcycle all the way down to just before

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We're for a lot of people it'll feel like right at contact.

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So if you're struggling with just a predominant fade pattern and you're trying to get

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the face a little bit more close to the path to get better compression, give yourself a little

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bit more versatility in terms of ball flight.

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This is a great way to overcome that barrier.

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You just get used to the feeling of the club face being closed to the shaft and you learn

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how to adjust the path to get it to start where you want it to.

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That is ultimately building the platform of a solid release from it with an inside path

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and a good draw pattern.

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