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Hips Lead The Torso

If the goal at impact is to have the pelvis approximately 15 degrees more open than the torso, then it makes sense to have the hips lead the downswing. If the upper body gets involved too soon, the hips and thorax will likely be open about the same amount. This can be fine for the wedges, but usually causes problems with the driver.

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This video is Hips Lead the Torso.

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Now, when we're looking at a good impact position, you'll tend to see that the lower body

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is pointing somewhere out in that 45 degree range, and the Torso is pointing somewhere in that

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30 degree range.

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So what you'll see by that is that the Hips are going to be open compared to the shoulders

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for a full swing at impact.

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A great way to train that, because a lot of golfers while they're aware of it, and they

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do that when they practice in their impact position, frequently what will happen is on

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video or 3D, you'll tend to see that Torso kind of matching up the lower body.

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So even golfers who try to get their lower body started, sometimes they don't lead long

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enough with their lower body to kind of leave behind the upper body.

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So I've got a little drill here to help you feel it, it involves two sticks.

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So I'm going to take one, and I'm going to place it through my belt loops.

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You could always just hold onto it, but this will make it a little bit easier for me to

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control the Torso stick with the microphone.

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So now I'm going to hold the Torso stick across my chest just like so.

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Now I want to play around with just the movement first, so I can feel that there's my upper

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body close to my hips.

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There's my upper body open to my hips.

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Now in the line, there's upper body closed, there's upper body open, and I can do the

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I can open the upper body compared to lower body from the lower body or I can close the upper

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body to the lower body from the lower body.

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So basically getting used to these different orientations.

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Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to make a backswing where I'm going to create a

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little bit of a stretch in my rib cage, and then I'm going to try and keep that stretch

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all the way until impact.

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It's not really possible and it's not really what you would want, but for a lot of

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golfers, they need to feel like they keep that stretch a lot longer.

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So from the face on view, I'm going to make a backswing, and then I'm going to try and

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keep that stretch as long as I can.

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So it would ultimately still have that 15-20 degree stretch amount, kind of like so, when

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I'm reaching impact.

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For a lot of golfers, that's going to feel just like the lower body has led a long way

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into the down swing.

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So then what I can do is I can work on positional drills, and I'm going to keep this

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one between my belt loops, just as a little reminder.

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So I'm trying to get kind of back to here, and I'm just going to feel like my hips lead

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my upper body while I do some 9-3s.

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Once I have a good feel of that, I can take bigger and bigger swings, I can go from that

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9-3 up to 3-4, again, trying to feel like the lower body leads, take out the belt

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shaft before I did do anything bigger than about 9-3.

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But then what I can do is I can get into some of these feelings of these pump drills,

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where I'm feeling like the lower body leads the upper body well into the down swing, or

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even all the way to impact.

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So if you tend to see on 2D video that your body is facing the golf ball, that means that

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your chest and your hips are both rotated about the same amount, and for a Tory impact

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position, you're going to want to have your lower body rotated about 15 degrees more

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than the upper body.

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Use a couple of sticks to help build an awareness of that, and then try to take that awareness

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into your practice swing and ultimately your full swing.

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