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Rewind To Impact - Use Follow Through to Train Impact

Many golfers reach a position at impact where the arms are almost completely straight and the body has very little rotation. They frequently think that the body needs to rotate more. But these same golfers reach the amount of rotation that we want to see later in the swing during their follow through. So, it's not that they need to turn more, it's that they need to turn sooner. This drill helps with that feeling of the timing.

Tags: Impact, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is rewind to impact.

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So I love to play around with time, especially moving backwards.

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Because I think that you can understand body positions and movements better whenever you can

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kind of play it forward or play it backward.

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Like if I asked you to throw a ball, most people can make some type of throwing motion.

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If I said, go ahead and replay that or move it backward, you could kind of figure out where

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you would be.

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Okay, be kind of like this.

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I think that that is a demonstration of clearly understanding the movement that you're trying

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to do.

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So rewind to impact is basically to help you get your lower body to lead the downswing and

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to have that lower body open before the release happens or as the releases happening.

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So basically what you're going to do is you're going to go into your really good follow-through

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You're going to have the club pointing out away from you just like so.

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Side bend, upper body still on top of the golf ball but lower body over that lead foot and

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arms fully extended.

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Then from here I'm going to bring the club back while freezing my body.

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Now that's a slight exaggeration but really only slight.

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What a lot of golfers do is when they may contact with the golf ball because the arms

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get involved too soon the upper body stands up and the body will be facing the golf

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ball kind of like so.

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So what I'll have them do is I'll have them do this go to follow-through position and

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that just demonstrates that they're physically able to make enough turn.

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So now it becomes more of a timing thing than an absolute amount of turn.

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Most people think they need to turn more but because they get that amount of turn in the

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follow-through it's really that they need to turn earlier.

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It's a timing thing.

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It's not an amount of movement.

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So they're used to no movement and early arms.

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What I'll do a lot is I'll have them go to this waist height position.

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I'll come in and I'll physically grab their rib cage and prevent their rib cage and pelvis

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for moving as they bring their arms back.

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What they'll find is they will typically feel like either their lower body or their upper

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body or both is rotated a lot more at the point of contact.

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Then you can try and do a little 9-3 where you basically feel like that lower body and

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that core pulls the arms down into that impact position.

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So basically like so as opposed to having the majority of the hit done with the arms.

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Hopefully this drill helps you work on your sequencing and finally figuring out what it

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feels like to get that lower body open early enough not necessarily more.

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