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Transition Pump For Body Speed

The pump drill can be used to work on anything related to transition. Since transition happens so fast, it's easier to work in these chunks in order to make the movements feel more automatic with speed. In this version, work on creating as much speed as you can with your body, but you'll have to do it smoothly or else you won't be in position for a good release.

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This drill is pump for body speed. So there's a variety of different ways you can use the pump.

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The pump is really just a good overall transition movement. But to specifically work on

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body speed, we're going to use a couple different thoughts while we're working on this pump drill.

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So we're still going to use trying to get into a good delivery position. But now what we're

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going to do is while we're making this pump, we're going to try to really kind of use

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a little bit more force and try to feel like my abs and my hips are really kind of pulling

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on the club. So I'm going to try to get some extra kind of body speed and then let the release

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happen kind of later. So I want to make sure that I'm not really losing any of my positions.

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What can happen is a lot of golfers start working on arm shadowing and then they work on the

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wipe and they get this really pretty looking club path and they're hitting them all really

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straight. But what sometimes happens is in order to get that they kind of shut down their

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bodies. So their body didn't do any movement. Then what can happen is you start to potentially

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complain about losing distance. And so we have to add some body movement back in. We got

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to get some body speed going. The two most common ways that golfers will struggle when

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they start adding body speed back in is they will tend to instead of rotate along that path.

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They'll tend to stand up. So they'll kind of feel like I'm rotating but go more into

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that early extension pattern or they'll tend to go more with their body and kind of that

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forward lunge pattern. So from the front, they'll either go into that early extension pattern

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or they'll go into more of that forward lunge pattern. Or they just won't use their body

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whole out and they'll continue to just use the arms. The pump for body power, our focus

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is going to be using our legs and using our hips so we can do it with taking little steps

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or we can do it with more of a kind of a beat that drum, you know core activation type feeling.

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It's the overall drill. I'm going to go up to the top of my swing and then I'm going to practice

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going through that pump a few times and then after I've created most of the speed with

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my body, I'm going to let my arms release and let my arms go. I want to make sure that

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I'm not getting out of a position either of those two ways so I'm making a good pump.

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This one I'm really trying to kind of use my legs. Good. Once I have a feeling of

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okay, that was pretty good job of using my legs. Now I'm going to try to recreate a swing

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feeling that same activation through my transition, really feeling my legs get involved.

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So if you're struggling with that first initial phase and kind of powering the swing

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more with the body, I recommend the pump drill. It's much better than say a broken transition

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or more of a position-based drill because it will help you with the sequencing of how you

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want to use your body to create that initial speed. Okay, so face on when you're doing this

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pump for body power, you're going to try and use that body speed before you then let your arms

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go and use that arm and hand speed. So as we saw from the downline, you still got to make sure

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that you're getting the club in a good position. But from here, I can either use more of a feeling

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of really kind of using my legs and kind of twisting and pulling or I can use a little bit

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of a, you know, pick up the heel and kind of get a step. So a little bit more almost like a

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step-changing direction drill so I can get that feeling of step step and go. So there are just

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two different ways of kind of feeling the same thing, but you'll notice that one of the

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tendencies is when you try to get your body involved would be that early extension or the

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more common when you'd see from here would be trying to get that body involved and getting

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more of a lunge and that'll give you more of that steep contact. So make sure to monitor that

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as you're trying to get more body speed that it's not taking you out of position and you're

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still able to make relatively solid contact with the pump drills or with a step you should always

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be a little bit more kind of patient with yourself as far as precision of contact goes.

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