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Where Should The Club Point In The Pump Drill?

The club will point in different locations depending on how far into the downswing you pump. If you just do the initial weight shift, the club will point roughly 90 degrees to target line. If you pump to delivery position the club will point roughly 30 degrees out in front of the ball on the target line. If you pump down to shaft parallel, the club will point just outside the target.

Tags: Transition, Concept, Intermediate

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This video is where should the club point in the pump drill?

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So I've created a little visual alignment so that if you're doing this at home, you can

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replicate what I'm seeing.

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So here I've got kind of a imaginary target line with the one stick and then I've got

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another alignment stick just perpendicular to it.

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So I like the pump style drills of kind of feeling the rhythm and the movement when

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you're rehearsing a new position, especially if it's kind of a dramatically

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different pattern.

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Because then your brain just tends to kind of get in the rhythm and it forgets the

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your normal tension and your normal pattern.

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So what we're going to do with this is we're going to look at the pump drill and how

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where the club is pointing at different parts.

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Because I commonly get the question of where should the grip point?

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Should I point at the golf ball down at my feet, out parallel?

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So there's a little bit confusion.

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I want to try to clear that up.

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So if I've got my golf ball and I'm in my setup position here, I've got this one on the

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ground representing the target line and I've got this one perpendicular.

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Because what you'll see is where the grip point depends on how far down you're pumping.

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I typically like three different areas where three different length of pumps depending

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on what you're working on.

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So if I were to just pump kind of a little bit more of just that weight shift with

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absolutely no arm activity, you can see that from my perspective, this is pointing almost

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perpendicular to the target line or along this yellow stick.

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If I was to do what I consider kind of the classic or the normal pump, I'm going to pump

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down to delivery position.

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Now that shaft is going to be at about a 45 degree angle or if I had the handle in the

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bucket, the grip would be pointing kind of in the bucket there.

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So I could do that pump there a few times and then go ahead and swing through at the golf

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ball getting the way.

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The third option would be if I'm doing a little bit more of a pump down to about here

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where I've already started the unhinged and I'm kind of pumping a little bit more that

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release on the way through.

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So some golfers attend to get a little bit more into that early extension of pattern

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or that really steep arm pattern.

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You'll get very high at this point and so if I'm pumping staying in my posture a little

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bit, I'll pump it all the way down to about shaft parallel.

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So that can potentially look like this and you'll see that it shaft parallel.

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It's just inside if I wanted to hit a draw or pretty close to in line with it if I wanted

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to hit a fade.

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What I want to make sure is that it's not way out towards the golf ball so similar

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to the wall drill.

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So if I wanted to pump that kind of second pattern would be pumping kind of down to

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about there.

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So the pump drill is a versatile drill and where the grip points will depend on how far

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you're going down but roughly what it will look like is early on if I'm doing just

00:03:09,000 --> 00:03:12,000
the weight shift by you pump it'll be perpendicular.

00:03:12,000 --> 00:03:16,000
I'm going all the way down to delivery position and it'll be about 45.

00:03:16,000 --> 00:03:21,000
I'm going down towards shaft parallel it'll be just inside of parallel.

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And then from there I'm basically using all the good bracing and release mechanics to

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then get into that follow-through position.

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So if you're struggling with your pump drill hopefully this helps you visualize the path

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of the club as it relates to different phases within the pump.

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