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Path Training With Rope

While similar to the ribbon path training, this rope drill is an excellent way to increase path awareness. The typical setup is a 3'-5' PVC pipe, a 50-ft rope, and a solid anchor point. Once setup, you will want to make some swings and work to create the (3) different release paths (in-to-out, out-to-in, and neutral/straight) while using the rope for feedback. Also, using the rigidity of the PVC pipe, you can train a number of release or pivot drills, such as the "open-trail hand" or "merry go round". Ultimately, we want the resistance and visual feedback from the rope to help us become more aware of our path tendencies and the movements/forces required to change them. 

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Draw vs Fade, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This rope drill is path training with the rope.

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So this can help kind of, this is very similar to the video that I have on the ribbon

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path training.

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But here, instead of having a ribbon attached to the clubhead, I've got a 50-foot rope attached

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to a PV CPite.

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So from the down-the-line view, what we're going to be able to see is we're going to be

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able to work on some of our release timing and our overall path awareness.

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So you can combo this with any pivot drill or release drill that you're working on.

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You could do this with an open trail hand, you could do this with a shadow, you could do this

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by thinking more about the hips going back 45 or merry-go-round.

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You could combo that with any of those drills.

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Now what we're going to do is we're going to work on getting some different path relationships

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using the rope.

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So this PV CPite is about three feet long.

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Ideally, another footer too would be better.

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But you'll see that there's strong enough carry over even if the material is not ideal.

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So any simple rope that you can pick up at a hardwood store and some PV CPite should do the

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So now what we're going to do is we're going to get this swinging kind of back and forth.

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And now I'm going to do a little bit more of a draw path.

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So I'm going to get the rope to swing way up or out to the right of the target.

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Then we're going to do a few more with a fade path.

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So I'm going to get the rope to swing more left of the target.

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Then we're going to try and go more or less at the target or slightly out to the right.

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So slight draw path.

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Just kind of like that.

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So big draw path, fade path, neutral path.

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But you'll find is that this rope and PV CPite up will help you exaggerate some of the

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path movements that you might have to do in order to adjust your path.

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After you've done a few kind of feeling where the rope is going, now I'm going to take

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a ball and place it where it would normally be in my stance.

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The rope's going to go outside of it, but my goal is to basically keep that reference point.

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In mind, as the rope swings past.

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So now it forces me to stay a little bit more in my posture as I'm doing some of this path training.

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So if you struggle with a path that doesn't change from outside to inside out,

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sometimes taking or inside out to outside in.

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If you struggle with your path only going one direction, then PV CPite and a rope can help you get a

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little bit more aware and more sensitive to your path tendencies and how to change them.

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