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Trail Hand Open - The Best Anti Flip Drill

This is one of the best anti-flip drills for feeling how the trail arm should work on top of the shaft as opposed to working underneath it. Take your normal set up, then open your trail hand (right hand for right handed golfer) and hit 9-3 shots. If you feel a gaping between your hands then you are flipping. Pay attention to your pinky, it will want to grip the club if you aren't aware of it.

Tags: Chicken Wing, Iron, Impact, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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In this drill video, we're going to do 9-3 with the open trail hand.

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So it's a very simple drill, but it's hard to do.

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I like those.

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So you're going to take your normal grip and then you're going to completely open your

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right hand.

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I want no fingers gripping on the club.

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You are going to have to police yourself because when I do this in clinics, everybody tries

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they've wrapped the pinky and wrapped the index finger to give themselves a little bit more

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If you are pushing with the right part of this right hand, which would look something

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like this.

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If you're pushing with those two points, the heel pad and the kind of first joint of the index

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finger, you will still have plenty of leverage to keep your right hand in contact with the

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If all you are pushing with is your hand like you're flipping, like so, then what will happen

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is when you swing through the way to the club through impact will cause a separation between

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those two hands.

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So if you're practicing the right hand only swings and the left hand only swings, like

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so this is a very good intermediate step to bringing it back together.

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So you take your normal grip, open that right hand.

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And if you're pushing through the right parts in your right hand and rotating or letting

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the left forearm just kind of gently passively rotate, you will be able to hit these

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nine to three shots pretty solidly with that right hand open and just pushing on the

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So this is one of my favorite drills that help you get out of the pattern of holding off

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rotation like so and learning how to rotate so that the hands stay on top of the club.

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Because if I did it towards you, I can't actually hit a golf ball this way.

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But if I did it towards you, what you'll see is as I come through, I'm going to be continually

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putting pressure on top of the shaft as opposed to if I got here and got underneath it,

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then what happens is the weight of the club ends up causing a gap between those hands

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and that gap is a really strong feeling and gives you really good clear feedback.

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You'll also notice as I come through that this wrist tends to stay relatively straight

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or even cut in order to keep in contact where most flippers are going to stop that rotation

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and let it separate and the weight of the club is just going to cause that separation.

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So it's a great drill for learning feedback and then you can take that feeling, close your

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hand and try to recreate it as you do regular nine to three or even as you move into the full swing.

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