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Open Trail Hand Full Swings

Special thanks to Jeff Leishman for the inspiration for this drill

Open trail hand full swings was inspired by one of our coaches taking a release drill and progressing it back to the top of the swing. Using 3D analysis, he was able to see that this one drill accomplished a few key changes to the wrist and body graphs. If you are working on your transition or release, this dill can identify sticking points where your arms and your body don't match up.

Tags: Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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The Strel is open trailhand full swings.

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So one of the great things about this site is I get to interact with coaches who look at

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my videos and give me critiques commentary.

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Well one of our coaches really enjoyed the open trailhand that was originally inspired

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by Wayne D. Francesca, well, or wherever he got it from.

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But the great thing about what happens is he told me better ways or different ways that

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he's been using that concept and I wanted to fill the drill, the drill, so the his students

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and all of you can experience what he's noticed.

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So I have largely for the last really almost 10 years used this drill as a release training drill

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because it made sense as it was working on the trail arm and what we wanted to do through

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But what I thought was interesting was he said he's been using it in transition.

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So he's been having students take full swings and we kind of bounce some ideas and it makes

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a lot of sense for helping out the chef flattening during transition and really this delay

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in the field of this thrower is catch.

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So we're going to use this open trailhand and basically use any time that I start to feel

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like I'm grabbing as an indication that I'm applying force in the wrong direction.

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So the drill is relatively simple.

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You're going to take your normal grip and then you're going to open your right hand.

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Now what you'll see if I kind of zoom in close is I can still push against the club with

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this part of my index finger kind of right along the line where the chef is.

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What I can't do is I can't really spin it with my right hand and I can't really apply a

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lot of force downward like so.

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So I can apply force against the chef but I can't really do a lot of other motions

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that would help square the face.

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So what it forces me to do is it forces me during transition to keep that pressure and

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keep that right wrist from releasing too soon because if I was to go this way during

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transition or if I was to go kind of more vertical like this what you'll find is my hand

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is going to separate away from the club.

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Usually down through that impact position.

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So keeping that trail hand open allows me to stay in contact with the club the entire

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The second thing that it does is during the release it forces that lead arm to rotate.

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Now I'm going to be less rotated at impact than when I was at setup but it's in the process

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of rotating and having the trail arm open forces that lead arm to help control some

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of that rotation.

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So it's a simple self limiting drill.

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You just set up and keeping that hand wide open you're going to try and make full swings.

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And what you'll find is if at any point you feel kind of a separation of slipping or

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you feel that hand wanting to grab it's indicating that that's a point in time or just

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before that is a time when your arm path and your body motions are not really matching

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So we'll see if we can demonstrate a couple of this trail arm open or trail hand open

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full swings.

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So that one wasn't too bad except for the fact that I didn't let that arm rotate quite

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enough but trail arm open.

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That's a little bit better there.

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So it's going to feel a little weird through impact taking these full swings with that

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trail arm open but with a little bit of practice it'll help you get the concept of how

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much that right side is applying and kind of when or how much that left side is kind

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of controlling.

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Ultimately I think it's a great self-limitter for you to develop feelings of how the arm

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should work with your body pivot.

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