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Yo Yo Release

The trail arm release movement is often described by great ball strikers as a key focus area. It often involves some image of "covering the ball". Most amateur golfers tend to do the opposite movement at impact. The yo-yo release is a visual for getting a better handle on how the trail arm works to cover the ball. One of the key considerations is having the palm facing away from your belt buckle rather than toward it. This involves keeping the extension of the wrist longer into the downswing than most golfers imagine. With the yo-yo release drill, you'll aim to get used to the feeling of the elbow extending while the wrist maintains its extension.

Tags: Poor Contact, Chicken Wing, Cast, Release, Drill, Advanced

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Strayl is the yo-yo release.

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So the yo-yo release fits in the trail arm release pattern.

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So the yo-yo release is trying to emphasize more the orientation of where the palm is facing

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an impact.

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A lot of golfers who have poor release patterns go into more of excessive internal rotation

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of the trail arm kind of like this.

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So the elbow gets behind and the palm starts facing down and in, if I was to exaggerate

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that pattern, even if I tried to kind of force it or fight it, it will have more of this

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feeling of the palm facing in.

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So the yo-yo release is basically with your arm in front kind of in delivery position

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or in that break-dance or shot-point position.

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I'm going to...

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Now, it feels a little bit like unwinding just like you were doing a yo-yo movement.

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But in the real swing, it wouldn't just be straight out like this.

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It would kind of be going across your body kind of like this and it wouldn't truly

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finish straight out.

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It would have just a little bit of this unhinged or supination.

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So it would go kind of out like this.

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So now, if you're doing this as a part of a pattern, I would work specifically in the

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This is a harder one to do in full swings.

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You can get there, but when you're initially trying it, we're going to do single arm,

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we're going to bring it out.

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And basically, I'm going to feel like it stays pointing.

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My palm stays pointing away from my belly button or facing the camera.

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And I'm going to try to use the body rotation to bring this through and basically stop

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in that position there.

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So as a single arm, it's going to feel like a very kind of passive arm or it's going

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to feel like this forearm kind of stays pointing more up or the shoulder stays more

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pointing up.

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It could also feel like the elbow stays more in.

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So we'll do that again.

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So from here, it's going to basically rotate like that.

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Now with that rotation, now that creates a bunch of shaft lean as well as keeping the palm

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facing away from me instead of it facing towards.

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So when you do this normally, you do more of that pattern.

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Yes, I can create more speed with my arm that way and I can hit it farther.

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But you'll notice from the video, if we compare those two, you will see that I had a lot

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less shaft lean and it would be much tougher for me to control the club face.

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I hit that 30 degrees or 20 degrees to the left or so.

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So let's do one more good one with just the trail arm where I'm going to bring it back

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and then I'm going to feel like the palm is facing away from me kind of like this as

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I turn through.

00:03:00,000 --> 00:03:03,000
Just like I was using a yo-yo.

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So I'm getting some extra arm extension as the palm is facing away kind of like that.

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Now it'll be a lot easier when I add the trail arm for support.

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So now if I do that same movement, it's going to point away kind of like this and then

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when I rotate, I'll be able to get my hands well ahead of the golf ball as I'm making

00:03:28,000 --> 00:03:29,000

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And because I haven't really hit this hard, I'm able to stop in that kind of hinge and

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hold type position or I'm able to stop before the club would release past the follow

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And that's because I'm trying to stop before the club gets past the follow through.

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That's why it's harder to do on a full swing.

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You can potentially do it on kind of more of a almost decelerating 10 to 2 where it's more

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of kind of a hit and stop.

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But I see the most benefit in doing this in more of a release drill or more of a 9 to 3.

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So if you struggle with the arm getting more back like this, channel your inner dentists

00:04:12,000 --> 00:04:17,000
the menace and get a little yo-yo action where the palm is facing more out and then

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figure out how to time that with body rotation to get the shaft lean and solid contact.

00:04:22,000 --> 00:04:27,000
That can really help clean up if you have more of a trail arm throw because there's

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a lot of toe shots, a lot of poles and a lot of pull hooks off the tee.

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