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Disc Catcher Trail Arm Release Training

The disc catcher can add some resistance to practicing the finger release drill. it also helps provide a stronger visual of the direction to push. This drill can also aid in feeling the trail arm shot put feeling. All of these concepts help create a better flat spot, better compression, and better low point control. 

Tags: Chicken Wing, Cast, Follow Through, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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Strel is Disketcher release training. So they sell these Disketchers

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at least in the United States. They sell them around the Memorial Day and

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Fourth of July and they're for playing catch-in instead of a baseball glove usually you'll take them to the beach

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What I found is these are great for training the trail arm release mechanics

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So for some golfers who really feel a lot of the speed

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Or maybe they don't feel it, but they apply a lot of the speed more

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Kind of with a flick of the fingers or more with a push of that trail thumb

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So whether it's pushing kind of more like this

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Where I'm applying a lot of the speed pushing with the end of the wrist the disselpart

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Instead, I'm gonna use this Disketcher and I'm gonna put the little weight just in the center of the palm there

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And I'm gonna feel like I'm I would

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If it wasn't Velcro to it, I would try and throw that ball at that spot

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You know 30 degrees out in front roughly where my Iron Man movements would be pointing

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Kind of like this and then if I were to do that as a full swing

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I would do that throw and I would just pivot through and I would finish in that shake the target line or

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Shake hands with the target line kind of finish position as opposed to having more of a flip where it would finish like this

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Where my body is still facing the golf ball and the hand is turned over or

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I guess more of a scoop where it'd be pointing back up at me or more of a roll

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We'll be pointing at the ground kind of like this so a couple different styles of release with that trail arm

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This really helps kind of get a feeling and a visual of where I want my trail arm

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Going through this wing and I keep saying the trail arm because

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Most of the golfers find with this they feel like they're doing less with their hands

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It's more of that dead hands feeling but they're doing more with the arm through the release

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So once I've done a handful of these kind of getting that feeling then

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I can put my trail arm on the club kind of do the same

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Movement right through there and then I can do the same movement letting a ball get in the way

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Getting that feeling of that trail arm

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Leading extending the elbow

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while keeping that

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Obo pointing down not letting it get pointing out

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But extending that arm through impact you can do it with the lead arm

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But I haven't found it to be quite as beneficial

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Basically it can aid a little bit in feeling more of that total lead arm release

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But I typically use this for more of the trail arm training after doing the trail arm training

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Single arm you can do open hand you could do three quarter swings trying to duplicate that same

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Extension position on the on the follow-through

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That's where you get to kind of play around with what information you might need

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But the if you're struggling to get a feel of that palm strike move or that right arm really covering the ball

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Using a disk catcher is a great way to develop that feel and the disk catcher

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allows you to feel pushing through the

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Index finger of that trail hand as well as through kind of the end of the thumb or the middle of that palm

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So pushing with that whole hand across the club

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As opposed to just flicking down with the fingertips then we'll do

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the open hand

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So kind of getting that same feeling

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And taking it on to a full swing

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