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Palm Up or Palm Down

A great visual to help with the proper movements of the trail arm is simply whether the palm faces up or down at impact and through the release. Golfers who tend to flip the club will have a palm position that faces upwards or is pointing more towards themselves. On the other hand, elite level golfers will keep the palm facing down and away even after the golf ball has left the face. Henrik Stenson, one of the best ball strikers in the entire world, has even been quoted as saying this is one of his "feels" when he plays his best. Overall, if you can incorporate this visual and feel into your game, you should be able to lessen any flipping of the clubface and build a more quiet, body driven release. 

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Release, Drill, Beginner

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This release video is palm up or palm down.

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So many golfers struggle with a flip style release.

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And we got different videos on here to work on the left wrist, having more of the

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older deviation and supination and getting that good sequencing with the body on the

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way through.

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And then we have videos of kind of the finger release and that right arm being more of a

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shot-put style instead of all the speed down in the fingers.

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So one visual that tends to help many golfers, especially when it comes to the right hand,

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is focusing on if the palm is facing up or down or compared to your body, is the palm

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facing away or the palm facing towards.

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You can see if I keep the palm facing away, that's the same thing as that finger release

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style and that palm still facing away would prevent the flip of the club and keep the extension

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in the wrist longer.

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If the palm starts facing towards me, that would look more like that scoop style release

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or in the follow-through that would make the club exit way to the left.

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So when the palm starts facing towards you, it will have more of a pattern like this.

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If you keep it facing away, then your body has to bring the club through because you

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don't have the hand moving the club through space.

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So we'll do little half shots focusing on feeling the right hand cover the ball and feeling

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that right palm facing away all the way through.

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To me or that, you could feel the left hand facing more down, but it's a more common

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for golfers to feel that right palm away than the left hand facing down.

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So on a little half shot, I should actually be able to finish with that palm still facing

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away, similar to the hinge and hold style drills.

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That one I didn't quite hit the ground, we'll see if we can, that was a little bit better

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there where I really felt that palm down.

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Once I have a decent feeling with some shorter shots or some 9 to 3s, then I can take

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it up to more of a 10 to 2.

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The trick is that I'm going to keep that palm away until the club passes through kind

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of that shaft parallel follow through checkpoint.

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So with a 10 to 2, we'll look a little bit more like that and then we can gradually

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add finishing the backswing to make it more of a full swing.

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But if you struggle with more of a flip style release, there's a good chance you'll feel

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that palm facing up instead of that palm facing down.

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