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Single Arm Releases With A Club

  1. Right Arm - Take your normal set up and take your left hand off the club
  2. Take a small backswing
  3. Extend your right arm! (Right elbow stays in contact with body)

I am very careful to call this right arm because many people mistakenly work on releasing the right hand and neglect the role of the shoulder and elbow. In a proper release with the right arm the sequence of motion will go:

  1. Right shoulder works in front of the body
  2. Right elbow will extend from the tricep and the elbow pit will stay facing up
  3. Right wrist will rotate while keeping a slight cup in the back of the wrist until the right arm is extended fully

Left Arm - The left arm is the simpler in concept but the tougher in execution. The left arm stays pretty straight and it stays connected to the rib cage. The motion of the left arm is to rotate. In the backswing the arm rotates to the right and in the downswing it rotates to the left. The hand goes through a series of movements starting from the top of the swing. At the top of the swing the left wrist will be hinged, pronated, and slightly extended position.

Then on the downswing the following happens:

  1. The first thing to change is that the left wrist goes from extended to flexed
  2. It will basically continue flexing all the way to just past impact for most players. About halfway down, the wrist will begin to unhinge
  3. Then, just before impact the left wrist will supinate

Playlists: Train Your Release, STS - Drills

Tags: Release, Drill, Advanced, Intermediate

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