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Palm Strike-shaft Press

This is a great drill for visualizing a release with your hands ahead of the golf ball and forward shaft lean. Most golfers that I work with who have a hard time getting shaft lean have a concept in their mind of a shaft being vertical at impact and more of a wiping motion. Learning how to get the shaft leaning, involves learning how to push with the right arm but not losing the extension of the wrist. For this drill, get into impact position, and then take your trail hand off the club. Rehearse the trail arm release move while the club is set to impact, and finish the release by getting your hand on the club how it would normally fit. Then hit 9-3 shots trying to recreate that image or feel.

Tags: Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is the palm strike or shaft press drill.

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And the purpose of this is to feel how the trail arm releases the club from delivery

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So if you recall from the last section delivery position is when you've got it kind of

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over here in the shot put, break dancer, delivery zone.

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And then from here what we're going to do is you're essentially going to extend your arm

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and let the forearm rotate but not collapse the wrist.

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So it's not like I'm throwing something this way.

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It's more like I'm doing a shot put or slamming the ball in the ground if you remember

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from the trail arm throw drill.

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So one of the reasons why this is so critical is if you take a golf club, right?

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This is my seven iron.

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And you place it on the ground so that the sole is flat.

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So as you can see if you sole the club you can see that the handle is ahead of the ball

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just like so if the club is sitting flat.

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Now if I was to go from this position and do that right arm throw shot put drill you

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can see how my hand is going to fit onto the club having a little bit of an angle like

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If I was to release like so you can see that it would now fit very very differently

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from how I normally grip the club.

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The other interesting thing to look at is this is my seven iron and you can see that the

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handle of the club is at a certain angle.

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If I was to take the pitching wedge and sole it you can see how it's at a little bit

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different of an angle it's actually intended to be hit with possibly more shaft lean.

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Whereas if I add a more complicated here's the five iron and I have that sole you can

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see how it's just slightly ahead.

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So it gives you a little bit of the spectrum.

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We've got five iron like so seven iron like so and then wedge like so it shows how these

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clubs are designed to be hit.

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So if I put the club in the position where it's supposed to be close to impact then I can

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practice getting into a good impact position and now practice delivering my arm in that

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shot put motion with the club right there.

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And it's going to your goal is to kind of get the hand to match up with the shaft and

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then once you've done that you can take a few practice where it basically goes back to

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that same position because I'm doing a shot put move I'm not doing a flip or wrist extension

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or flexion move.

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So this is the palm press or shaft strike and it helps to learn where you're trying

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to get your hands to go during the release phase.

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