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Single Arm Throws

Single Arm Throws

This drill allows you to train the movements of the release without the distractions of the golf club. Learn how it feels to move the club, with force, as you throw a ball with each hand. The lead hand will be more of a slinging movement and the lead hand will be more of a shot put or palm strike.

Tags: Release, Drill, Intermediate

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It's drill is single arm throws. So similar to the ping-pong paddle or the single arm

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releases, I think it can be useful to just work on the single arm movements while

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throwing a wall. So I'll walk you through the two different versions. I would

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the trail arm, I kind of refer to it as more of a shot put and with the lead arm,

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I kind of refer to it more as a sling or a fling. But if we look at each

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individual arm and we look at what we're trying to do. With the trail arm or

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the right arm for right hand and golfer, you're going to want your arm to work

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kind of across your belly button as it or in the direction of your belly button as

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it initiates the wipe and then you're going to want to extend the elbow before

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you extend the wrist. So it'll end up kind of looking like so and at the very

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end the weight of the club will cause the wrist or the momentum of the club

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and how your body is positioned compared to it will cause the wrist to want to

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flex. But the throw itself or the straight itself is more of like a kind of a

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palm press. So from a face-on camera, it would be almost as if I was trying to do a

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palm throw at a golf ball somewhere down the target line. Let's say 30 degrees

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or maybe three feet. So what you're going to do is you're going to take the golf

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ball and hold it in the center of your palm and grip it with your thumb. So not

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kind of in the fingers as if I was throwing a ball. If I held it in the fingers,

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then yes, I'm going to want a ton of this kind of wrist snap at the end. But if I'm

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holding in the palm, I'm not going to get nearly as much out of the wrist snap. So I'm

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going to encourage getting more of the force production from the whole arm or

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from the tricep and the press. So I've got it kind of in my arm like the magic trick

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and then I'm going to do just a little 9 to 3 where I'm going to throw that ball down

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in the general direction of the golf ball. So it'll look kind of like that. So

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standing here, a little 9 to 3, throw it just down like that. Now what we'll see is

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if I were to take the golf club and once I've done that little throw move,

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put it in place, this is roughly what it's going to feel like that trail arm is doing

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during the release. The reason I will have lost this extension is even though I'm doing this little

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palm strike maneuver. My body will be bracing and so as that palm strike is happening,

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now the way to the club is going to cause me to lose it. So if I'm just training that

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single arm release while doing these throw balls, I should still have a little bit of

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extension in the wrist. Now if I'm doing the lead arm, it's basically going to be I'm going to

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hold it the same way and I'm going to sling this out as if I was kind of pointing my thumb

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down at that golf ball. So it would look more like this. So if I was to put it there,

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you would kind of see the inside of the forearm, not throwing like this. So we're allowing some of

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that gentle supination and rotation of the forearm to kind of end the release.

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Once you have kind of a good feeling, you can then put the club in and kind of recreate

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either the lead arm or there's that throw or the trail arm and you might become aware of different

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kind of feelings or sensations or directions that will then make those single arms easier

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once you start practicing them in nine to three movements with an actual golf ball.

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So with that nine to three with the actual golf ball, it'll be very much like that palm strike

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as if I was throwing the ball right down there or with the lead arm would be more of that

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kind of sling maneuver with that slight body pivot. Those two combine to create the release

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movements that you'll use in your stock full swing, but it's easiest to train in these isolated

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movements from nine to three.

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