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Band Resisted Backswing Sway

This is another great drill for the feel player. Take a band and set it up off to your right so that it is pulling your hips to the right. Take some backswings making sure that the band does not pull you more to the right.

Playlists: At Home Training, Stop Moving Off The Ball (Sway)

Tags: Sway, Backswing, Drill

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This drill is band-resisted backswing and it helps with overcoming the sway pattern.

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So what you can do is you can take an elastic or a

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training band and you can either if you're doing this at home

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It's very easy you just stick it in the door or attach it to something very sturdy. If you're doing this on the range

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You want to take a shaft and stick it into the ground

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far enough so that you have plenty of leverage if you can't get it into the ground far enough

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That you can pull away comfortably

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Then it's just not worth the risk but what you want to do is have the line of pull

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at about

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Mid-thier just above your knee and

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Then what will happen is as you make your backswing the band is gonna want to pull me in the direction of my problem

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So it's gonna pull me into my sway just like so it's gonna pull my pelvis and

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And my weight to the outside of my foot

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So I'm gonna have to teach my body how to overcome that

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So I'm gonna practice making backswings while keeping my weight on the inside and not letting my knee drift

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This is especially good for a feel learner

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Because this is gonna give you a strong sensation as to what it's like to actually load into the hip as opposed to shifting away from it

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So this is band resistance band resisted sway and it will provide a real strong

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sensation for helping you overcome that sway pattern

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