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Sway Overview

Sway is a backswing issue in which the lower body moves laterally away from the target.  Two major characteristics of the sway are:

  • Weight goes to outside of the right foot
  • Pelvis moves to away from the target in the backswing

A sway almost guarantees timing and contact issues, especially if the golfer gets his weight or pressure to the outside of the foot. The shift to the outside of the foot can mess up the mechanics of the lower body during transition and cause a host of contact issues.

Types of sways

There are a couple times when a golfer typically sways.

One is during takeaway. This is usually a timing thing and doesn't cause a major issue unless the weight moves to the outside of the foot and stays there, or if the pattern exists in the short game.

The second type of sway typically happens later during the backswing when the arms and wrists set for transition. There are two ways that this happens. One is with a reverse spine angle as the arms go to set. This pattern tends to load for an early extension on the downswing. The second pattern is the spine staying neutral, but the hip shifting to the right and “tipping” the spine to the left, this pattern is usually then accompanied by an over the top move to start the downswing. While the second sway is bad for performance, the reverse spine version is especially dangerous for the back and doesn't last over time without some battle with low back pain.

The sway is one of the easier patterns to fix once you become aware, but if you find a sway that doesn't go away after a month or two of practice, then it is most likely tied to your power source, and the downswing needs to be trained before you will ever correct the sway long term.

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