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Wedge Under The Trail Foot

This is a smart twist on an old drill. If you’ve been told that you sway, then you have probably been told to place something under the outside of your foot. The premise, is that it will kick your foot in which will restrict it’s ability to go to the outside of the foot. But the real problem with a sway, is letting pressure get to the outside of the foot. And when you put the object under the outside of the foot, then you ENCOURAGE pushing with the outside of the foot. So, even though it looks better when you use it in a drill, the body actually LEARNS the wrong movement. To trail the right movement, put a wedge, a towel, a ball or some other object under the INSIDE of the foot. Now, roll your foot to the inside to apply pressure under the inside half of the foot.

Playlists: Stop Moving Off The Ball (Sway)

Tags: Sway, Drill, Intermediate

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