Shoulder Plane With Arms

There are a couple checkpoints for making a solid backswing.

  1. Where are my shoulders pointed at the top of the swing
  2. What position are my arms in

The shoulder position at the top of the swing can reveal a lot about your pivot. Where are you planning to get your speed from and what are you going to use in transition can be seen pretty easily by the position of the body at the top. Many amatuers get into a position at the top of the swing where their core muscles are not loaded, and so it's almost impossible for them to fire them on the downswing. The shoulder plane part of this drill helps work on that.

The arm position part helps compliment the body training. Typically, if the arms work behind, or around, the body, then the body will not be able to rotate to complete the backswing. So, if you want your arms to stay in front, you need body rotation. If you want your body to rotate, your arms need to stay more in front of your right pec. This drill allows you to focus on both.

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Tags: Backswing, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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