Torso Burner For Hip Rotation

Over the last 10 years, I have used ropes in various fashions as part of my golf training. Recently, I have been focused on some of Mike Romatowski's golf conditioning drills, specifically those from his "Mach 3" speed system; Mike has come up with some pretty ingenious ways to create "feels" that carry over well to the golf swing and produce more speed/power.

This shortened version of Mike's "Torso Burner" is a great way to improve lower body mechanics, especially for players who tend to sway off the ball or suffer from early extension through impact. More specifically, it is designed to help players learn to effectively load the lower body and use the ground for leverage. This will not only produce more distance, but will also help with straighter shots and greater consistency.

Playlists: Fix Your Early Extension, Stop Moving Off The Ball (Sway), Stop Standing Up In Your Backswing, Get More Distance

Tags: Not Enough Distance, Early Extension, Standing Up, Sway, Drill, Intermediate

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