Dropping Your Head - Backswing

While it is more common for golfers to stand-up or come out of their posture in the backswing, some players will struggle with lowering or dropping as well. That is not to say that some amount of lowering is not expected; the average drop in the backswing for a PGA Tour player is roughly 1 to 2 inches. However, if you are dropping more than this during your swing, it is most likely due to a lateral sway or an excessive amount of torso flexion or side bend. For students that fall into these patterns, I will have them get a little more visual awareness, whether it is through something like a pool noodle or mirror, and focus on making a centered pivot while adding some torso extension. This simple combo will usually go a long way to fixing this pattern and the compensations it can cause. 

Playlists: Fix Your Early Extension, Stop Moving Off The Ball (Sway), Stop Standing Up In Your Backswing

Tags: Early Extension, Standing Up, Sway, Backswing, Drill, Intermediate

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