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Finesse Vs 9-3

The finesse wedge swing and the 9-3 swing might look similar on the surface, but each has it's place and uses. If you are a beginning golfer, the 9-3 is good enough for your stock shot around the green, but if you are a decent player, then you need to have more variety to have real success around the greens. See the differences in this video.

Tags: Chip, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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In this drill video, we're going to look at the difference between the 9 to 3 and the

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finesse wedge. So I've had a couple of questions from students. Basically, we use the 9 to 3 in

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these stockful swing drills to work on the timing of the release. So the release basically

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happens between shaft parallel to ground here and shaft parallel to the ground there. So we do a lot

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of swings where we are rehearsing that phase like so. And now, yes, you can use that as a

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very functional short game shot. But it does have some limitations because because I get some

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lag, I get my lower body initiating because I get some shaft lean, I have a lot of power

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and it's very hard for me to control that on really, really short shots. So I recommend the

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finesse wedge for the shorter shots. And I'll show you what that looks like. So from about the same

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backswing, instead of letting that lower body go in the club lag behind and get those really

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good wrist mechanics to create power, I'm going to do the opposite. And I'm going to let my arms

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just kind of go. Now, if we looked at the distance those two shots went, the 9 to 3 version where I

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used stock full swing mechanics went about twice as far as the finesse wedge swing where I used finesse

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wedge mechanics. So it gives you because we take away a lot of power, it gives you the ability to

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regulate distance a whole lot easier than just trying to zero in or narrow that stock full swing

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movement. So if you're a beginner, by all means use that stock full swing as your short game shot

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and just work on those 9 to 3 drills. But if you're getting into the mid 80s and trying to get

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in the 70s, you want to work on having your stock full swing be your power source and having a

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finesse wedge for these shots around the green.

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