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Brandt Snedeker Clinic Review

I receive videos from Youtube with the email subject, "what do you think?" almost weekly. Sometimes, it leads to interesting distractions between lessons. Other times it's a quick close. Sometimes, it pulls up interesting videos on the side to watch. Last week, I received a video that led me to this gem.

I really enjoy listening to tour pros describe what they do. Not because I believe them 100%, but because they give you great insight into what they are actually thinking. This video shows some really good self awareness, as well as some really good self delusion on the part of Mr. Snedeker. Feel free to watch the whole thing (there are a number of gems that you could take away from it), but if you're in a rush, I'll highlight a few of my favorite parts.

12:55 - "The reason we [tour pros] play so well is not because we hit it really good. There are weeks where I can't find the planet. It's because our short games are really good. Day in and day out, our chipping, pitching, and putting can bail us out". It's important to see that the short game is a different animal than ball striking. It might feel similar to some, and if it does, GREAT, but the reality is that there are drastic differences between a chip shot, a full wedge, an iron shot and a driver....and it's usually more than just set up changes that make each ideal.

14:10 - "When he's not hitting it his best, we do damage control. We won't be as aggressive hitting into greens". Monitoring your game each time you play takes practice. But part of the "warm up" is to help you see what you have that day. It's common in other sports to make strategy changes based on warm up, but for some reason in golf it is taboo. If you normally hit a draw, but every ball is a fade on the range, perhaps you can still shoot a good number watching the ball curve the other way for one day.

15:00-16:40 - "I try to do it with set up and not with my hands". This is a great example of the delusion that a lot of good golfers have. Not all, but a lot. He demonstrated different pivots and releases in his practice swings, which is a great way to adjust flight. He also made set up changes that would help to produce one curve or another. But his summary was simple. If he really just did it with his set up, then he wouldn't need those different SWING IMAGES AND THOUGHTS. He could just set up and make the same swing. If you struggle with controlling curve, then understand what adjustments can make the difference for you, as I outline in my shot shaping section of the member's area.

26:20 describes picking his schedule for the year in a way that highlights his strengths. He talks about not doing well at the really long courses (like Bay Hill) and that choosing the right courses to play is half the battle and one of the things that Tiger did really well for many years. The level of self awareness is something to strive for that is achievable. It doesn't take great athleticism to maximize your course strategy to fit your games strengths and weaknesses, but to do so, you must know your strengths and weaknesses.

29:00 "I was trying to hit a draw all day and I wasn't". In response to a question about a certain shot. He highlights how tour pros adjust. It never ceases to amaze me when I do playing lesson that a golfer will not be able to recognize their tendencies for that day and make adjustments. If the ball is curving predominantly one way or another on the range, you need to factor that in to your shot decisions for THAT DAY.

One last thought. Brandt appears to be a Rhythm golfer, and rhythm golfers tend to over-simplify things. You can see it in his descriptions. But if you are a rhythm golfer, you have to figure out your simple keys the way Brandt has. Stay positive. Know yourself. And you'll give yourself the best chance to shoot low scores.

Tags: Member Question, Intermediate

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