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Swing Adjustments For Slopes Around The Green

Learn simple adjustments for varied lies. Here are some suggestions:

  • Downhill - widen stance, slide lower body forward and lean upper body forward into front thigh so pelvis and torso match the slope. Choke up if needed, and take more lofted club.
  • Uphill - normal width stance. Slide lower body forward, but keep your upper body in the middle of your stance. Take less lofted club.
  • Ball above stance - choke up. Stand slightly more vertical by bending knees instead of hips. Aim right to account for the change in face angle.
  • Ball below stance - squat down and aim more left than normal. Your swing will be slightly steeper because of the lower body restriction from the squat position. The "catch" part of the "throw and catch" will be more dificult
  • Athletes applying rotary upper body force from the top

Tags: Poor Contact, Chip, Beginner

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