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Connecting Body Rotation To Club Rotation

Body rotation is one of those things that amateurs seem to struggle with and pros seem to do with ease. Many times, golfers think that they are not physically capable of getting rotation, but as you'll see in this program, most of the reason that amateurs aren't as open with their body at impact is because of the movements of the arms and club.

Simply put, if you have the clubface in an open position, then you won't hit a good shot if you rotate your body. For a great way to visualize this phenomenon attach a piece of cardboard to a club perpendicular to the club's leading edge. This will give you an idea of where the club face is pointing and help you see how much club face rotation is required for a tour like impact position.

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This concept video is connecting the dots between face rotation and body rotation and impact.

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So, done another video working on helping you understand how the shaft has to flatten if you

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want to have body rotation.

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This is going to talk about what happens if the club faces open or closed.

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Now frequently, we'll use these magnets on the golf club.

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If you want to do this at home, just take a golf tee and some tape or stick them and

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you can put it on the club face and it'll point where it's pointing.

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The other way that you can do it, that's not quite as accurate, but is a more powerful

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visual, is this way right here.

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So I've got just a piece of cardboard that's taped to the club perpendicular to where the

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face is pointing or pretty close to it.

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Putting the magnet on the face is definitely more accurate than this little airfoil

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that I've created, but the airfoil does a really good job, especially from down the line

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like so, of seeing roughly where this face is pointing.

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It doesn't take into account this upward and downward motion and how that affects the

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club face, but it gives a good general representation of either if I have rotated it forward

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or backward or if I have rotated the club or the club head forward backward.

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So I'm going to show you what body rotation does to the shaft and why we're going to have

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to have the club face more close that impact than it was at setup.

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So the more that I get body rotation, if my hand stay roughly out in front of my body,

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then what you'll see is that's going to point the club face much more to the right or in

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an open position.

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So what'll happen is if you're in transition and you tend to open the club face, now

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if I was to continue rotating, you can see that that club face is actually pointed over

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So about 80 degrees away from the target.

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So what'll happen is my body is smart, I'll get to this position where that club face

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is open and I'll stand up instead of rotating so that my hands can pass and now that

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is pointed in the direction of the target.

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But what Torpros are doing is they're getting a certain amount of shaft lean, whether

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it's 10 degrees, 15 degrees, they're getting the handle slightly ahead of the club, which

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just by doing that if I keep the club's center of gravity in the same place, what happens

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is it opens the club face.

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So then my only other options would be to lower it like so, but I can only do that so much

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and I'm not ever going to get it pointed at the direction of the target.

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So the best option I've got is this rotation or the motorcycle move that I talk about.

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Now that can come from either the left or the right hand, whether it's the motorcycle

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or the throwers catch, they're the same thing.

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They're basically rotating the club face, so now it's pointed in the direction of the target.

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Now the change in that, if I'm facing you, is if I rotate it like so and then I turn,

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kind of looks like that.

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So instead of this little airfoil being perfectly level-in-pointed at the target, it's

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actually pointed down and pointed at the target.

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But again, the only way that I'm going to get that is if I've rotated my club closed and

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the more that I rotate my body and get my body in this open side bent position like so,

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at impact, the more that I'm going to have to close the club face.

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Now you have three options as far as closing the club face.

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You can adjust your grip, it's set up.

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You can change the arm movements or you can change the body movements.

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But the big ones are going to be this grip it's at up and body movement.

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So the motor cycle, or sorry, the grip it's at up and the arm movements.

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So the motor cycle movement is kind of trying to get this airfoil pointed down towards

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the ground as soon as possible so that when I just rotate my body, now that's pointed

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just slightly right of my target, but with a path that's going slightly in and out so I

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can hit that nice draw.

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So again, if you're struggling with getting that motorcycle movement in the club face

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is pointing up, it would end up looking something like this and there's no way I'm going

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to get good rotation side bend and get that good flat spot down at the bottom.

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So if you're struggling with that while you're working on this arm shallow piece, you

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can also work on that club face closing.

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Both of those are going to allow that body rotation.

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One interesting point is if we look at the vines wedge, we're going to see that we're

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going to square the club face in a different way than we're going to do it with the full swing.

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So here we've got 52 degree wedge with that same, or sorry, I think there's a 52 degree wedge

00:04:50,000 --> 00:04:54,000
with that same piece of cardboard or similar piece of cardboard kind of pointing in the

00:04:54,000 --> 00:04:55,000
direction of the club face.

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So for these shots, we're going to come into the golf ball with the shaft a lot more

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James Seekman, who I think is one of the best of this, says it's about a three to seven

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degree amount of shaft lean.

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Not sure where he's getting his numbers, but we know that if you look at video, they're

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not going to have nearly as much lag and shaft lean compared to the full swing.

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So what we're doing with the finesse wedge is we're basically releasing it and getting

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it pointed square like so, we're in the full swing, we're getting it square like that.

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I'll demonstrate from down the line.

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So in the finesse wedge, I'm basically releasing so that this is now pretty much straight

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up and down in pointed it.

00:05:40,000 --> 00:05:46,000
Sorry, get that allows me to use the bounce as opposed to what a lot of people who struggle

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with this finesse wedge will do is they'll get too much lean and now the only way that

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they could close it is by slamming down the face, but that takes away bounce in your margin

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of air.

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Now I call this video rotation the club base, but this could very easily be shaft lean

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to club base.

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So the more that I get body rotation, the more that the handle gets out in front and

00:06:05,000 --> 00:06:07,000
the club base points off to the right.

00:06:07,000 --> 00:06:10,000
So in order to hit it relatively straight, I'm going to have to close that club base

00:06:10,000 --> 00:06:16,000
that gives me that delofted look of the club, but I faced it pointed in the general direction

00:06:16,000 --> 00:06:17,000
of the target.

00:06:17,000 --> 00:06:21,000
So if you're struggling with getting body rotation or shaft lean, you're going to have

00:06:21,000 --> 00:06:26,000
to look at the timing and how much you're closing the club base, whether with your setup

00:06:26,000 --> 00:06:28,000
grip or mostly with these arm movements.

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