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Iron Man Movements - Body Position Visuals

Imagine Iron Man playing golf. He’s got that light illuminating the direction that his chest is pointing. During the downswing, good golfers actually lower and their chest would be pointing toward the ground through impact. It would not be until the follow through that the chest would be pointing at the target.

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Alright, this is a good at home drill for you to do to work on your early extension.

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It's called your Iron Man Golf Swing.

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So, I'm a big fan of some of the comic book movies Iron Man's probably my favorite

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is got this bright shining light glowing away from his chest.

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So, you're going to take your hands and you're going to make the little Iron Man signal

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and you're going to make your back swing focusing on this Iron Man movement pointing

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along the target line kind of back behind you.

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And then the important thing for you early extenders is when you come down, you want

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to make sure that that Iron Man signal is pointing out in front of the golf ball on the

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target line, maybe three or four feet out in front just like so, where you would be

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an impact.

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If you early extend what will happen is your hips will move forward and your chest or

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your upper body will be pointed way out into the horizon.

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So you got to make sure that your chest stays covering the golf ball.

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If Iron Man were hitting the golf ball, he would know exactly where his chest was pointing

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and would be a great little feedback tool.

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So you can practice this at home.

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You could potentially practice it with hitting little nine to three shots.

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But by putting your hands here, it kind of locks your shoulders from doing it so that your body

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has to make the full movement.

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So I recommend this as a home drill as opposed to a range drill.

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