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Club In Front Of Chest - Finesse Wedge

One of the key concepts related to great wedge play involves controlling the radius of the swing. That is, we want to have a very good feel for managing the bottom, or low-point. This will allow us to create a wide variety of shots around the green, all in which we are effectively using the bounce of the club.

In order to practice this, you simply need to cue the feeling of keeping the club in front of your chest. Or alternatively, to feel that the grip is pointing at your sternum throughout the stroke. This may feel a bit over exaggerated at first, but it is a great way to remove any tendencies to become overactive with the hands/arms. This common fault will quickly change the radius of the swing and make it increasingly difficult to score with your wedges. 

Playlists: Finesse Wedge - Chipping and Pitching

Tags: Fundamentals, Poor Contact, Pitch, Chip, Drill, Beginner

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