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Trail Arm Internal Rotation - Finesse Wedge

Golfers who struggle with finesse wedge shots around the green are often defaulting to their full-swing setup by mistake. This pattern, which I typically see in lower handicap players, occurs when players setup for a position of "lag" instead of "cast". While shaft lean and "lag" are important for full shots, they can be detrimental to good wedge play. A quick remedy for this issue is to simply check the amount of internal rotation of the trail arm and ensure that the trail elbow is pointing roughly "down-the-line" at setup. This will promote a stroke that mitigates contact issues, allows proper use of the club's "bounce", and produces higher & softer wedge shots.

Playlists: Finesse Wedge - Chipping and Pitching

Tags: Pitch, Chip, Set Up, Drill, Intermediate

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