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Single Arm Finesse Wedge Releases

Single arm moves with club

  1. Right Arm - Take your normal finesse wedge set up and take your left hand off the club
  2. Take a small backswing
  3. The right arm will swing the club toe up
  4. Let the arm drop to initiate the downswing, keep the elbow close to your side as the club swings to a finish
  5. The body should rotate only to help the club finish the swing, but not to create much speed

Left Arm - Take your normal finesse wedge set up and take your right hand off the club

  1. Focus on the amount of extension in your left wrist
  2. Keep the left wrist cupped as you make a backswing so that the toe finishes pointing up
  3. As you swing through, keep the extension in the left wrist, and let the club pass your body into the finish
  4. As with the right hand, let the body support and not lead.

Playlists: Train Your Release, Finesse Wedge - Chipping and Pitching

Tags: Chip, Release, Drill, Advanced, Intermediate

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