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Arms Left For Wedges

Nothing strikes more fear in the eyes of my students when I they ask the question, "is that the same for all the clubs?". The simple, honest, answer is no. Since you are trying to do something slightly different with each club, there will be slight variations. But it works on the perspective of a spectrum. At one end is the driver, where you want to hit slightly up on the ball and be as powerful as possible. On the other end is the putter, where you want to start the ball as close to online as you can and only need to hit it a short distance, so you do things to make yourself "weaker". Wedges are closer to the putter. We want to be weak, because if you make a small change to a weak swing, the net effect will be minimal. So you have to make bigger changes, which gives you a comfortable buffer. Simply put, with the wedges, we are giving up power for the sake of control.

Playlists: Master Your Distance Wedge

Tags: Pitch, Drill, Intermediate

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