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Trail Wrist Training - Pool Noodle

A pool noodle can be helpful for learning to visualize the release of the trail arm. This training aid can help work on the wipe movement without thinking about it. If you don't lunge forward with your upper body and hit it solid with this drill then you know your trail shoulder is working in the right direction.

Tags: Poor Contact, Impact, Release, Drill, Advanced, Intermediate

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The drill is trail risk training with the foam noodle. So this is a similar to drill to how I like to train

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One aspect of the trail risk for putting but often times

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golfers you circle with this

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You know, scooper flip or bending like this on the way through are really unaware of what's going on with the risk

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So what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a foam noodle now. This I've cut

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You could potentially use a you know a rolled up sock or a sock with another sock inside of it

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But basically what we're gonna do is we're gonna try to occupy that space between the right wrist and the club

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So this can be used for single arm training

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And basically what it's gonna force you to do is it's going to force you

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To get the movement to happen more from twisting the club

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So I can still square the face by rotating the club

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Like this but I can't square the face

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By letting it pass

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Which is what a scoop tends to do so now

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What I can do is I can work in the nine to three zone

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And I'll have more of a focus on what the shoulder is doing kind of for a good wipe working across my body

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kind of like so

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Now once I get into that good let's say

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Follow through position. I can move the noodle out of the way and I can put my grip on and I may find that the club had as a little bit more in that club had out

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Relationship so if I do that facing here

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Kind of in slow motion that club is twisting

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As it's coming through kind of like that and then I can take that away

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Put my hands there

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And then try to get back to that position. So this will help a little bit more

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With the dissociation of the arm. It'll help a little bit more with building

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More of a shoulder controlled

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Release or bottom of swing as opposed to a very much a hand or flip style bottom of this wing

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So if you're struggling with your trail arm only release

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That's a good compliment to some of the sing-larm drills to really focus in on the shaft rotation as

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Opposed through the flip or how you're squaring the face so from face on

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It looks a little bit more like that in slow motion

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You can see that most of the movement is happening

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Through the arm and through the shoulder as opposed to down at the wrist from the down the line if I do that correctly

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The club stays a little bit more out as the grip works more in front

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It's a pretty hard forearm work so you won't be able to do

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Too many of those before you should put both hands on the club and try to test it

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