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Monitoring Trail Knee for Early Extension

If you are outside, you can use a shaft in the ground. If you are inside, a plunger can work well. The key is to have some feedback for your lower body. If you struggle with early extension because of how you push against the ground, this drill will help make your practice more effective.

Tags: Early Extension, Concept, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is monitoring the right knee for early extension.

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Now a lot of golfers struggle with early extension and there's lots of causes.

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Sometimes it's not the worst thing, but other times it causes the ribcage to get in a position

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that really messes up your release.

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So when you're working, if you've tried some release drills and you're able to do it at the release,

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but then you take a full swing and it kind of breaks down because of early extension,

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I would recommend going directly at the source of the lower body moving in towards the golf wall.

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And this is a simple little feedback device for looking at the right leg.

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If you look at many golfers on 2D video from down the line,

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what you'll tend to see is that better players are not going to let their knee go in well past their toes.

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So we can take a shaft and stick it in the ground or in an indoor station,

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you can take a alignment stick and place it up against or in a bucket so that you've got

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kind of an alignment rod just like so.

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Then what you're going to do is you're going to place it so that it's just over the end of your toes.

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So not quite all the way to the end of your shoes, but where your big toe joint connects right

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at the ball of your foot. So kind of like that. So now I can take some practice wings with this

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alignment stick and if I were to early extend, I'm going to hit it. Now I'll mostly be able to tell

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if I hit it because of if this thing moves, but if you're hitting it outside where you've got a

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shaft in the ground, you'll get a little bit of really good feedback. So what this will help you do is

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it'll help you feel, how can I push through my lower body without letting my lower body drift

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in towards the golf wall? For many, it'll feel like some of the trail leg push that I talk about

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for others that will feel like the legs are working more in the direction of the target or even

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back 45 like in the pelvis track. So if you're setting this up, you want to get put the alignment

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stick in the ground so that it's a bout knee height. You can actually angle it one way or the other,

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but about knee height or just below. And then you can practice taking your swings feeling like

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your legs work a little bit more at the target or not in towards the golf ball as opposed to

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if you were to get set up and then really early extend, you can see now I've got some feedback.

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And that'll help you build your own personal map of where your body is in space, when you're working

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on how the lower body pushes against the ground, if you early extend.

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