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Heel Toe Club Awareness With Tees

Golfers can struggle with heel and toe contact related to certain swing tendencies. Often time, a fast approach for fixing your contact is becoming more aware of where you are hitting the ball with the club. This station will help you calibrate your path toward or away from the golf ball. This is especially useful for golfers struggling with shanking the ball. 

Tags: Poor Contact, Set Up, Impact, Drill, Beginner

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This drill is working on heel toe awareness.

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So this is kind of a cousin of the shank gate.

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Some golfers just have a poor concept of if they're hitting it more on the toe or more on the heel and have a hard time feeling it.

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So they might not go all the way to a shank, but this drill can help you feel where it is on the club that you're making contact.

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So before I go to a golf ball, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take a few teeth,

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I'm going to take three teeth, I'm going to put them about an inch apart.

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So I'm going to place three teeth about an inch apart just like so.

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I'm going to make them a little bit wider than the width of the clubhead.

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So if I had to kind of zoomed in here, one T would be here, one T would be there, one T would be there.

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And now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take just a normal practice wing set up at the middle of the ball.

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Now in my particular case, I hit just the middle T. But what you may find is that you hit either the inside T if you struggle more with toe contact or the outside T if you struggle more with heel contact.

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Whichever pattern you have, you're going to try and do the opposite.

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If you're pretty good with just hitting the middle T, you need to tighten the tolerance or you can train both.

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So now I'm going to try and take a practice wing where I set up at the middle T and I'm going to adjust so that I clip the middle T and the heel T on the clubface.

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So middle T and the heel T.

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You'll see, I just got the heel T. So I over corrected.

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I can see that the divot was about centimeter away from the heel T or from sorry the middle T.

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So not too bad, but given the tolerance that I set up for myself, not quite good enough. So we'll try that one more time.

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I'm going to set up to the middle T and then I'm going to try and just clip that inside T.

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So there I clip both the inside as well as the outside T.

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So then you'll see it's not too bad as far as resetting it up.

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Now I'm going to set up to the middle T and I'm going to try and hit the middle T and the outside T.

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And you'll see that you may struggle with one area or the other.

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I hit the outside T much easier than I hit the inside T.

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So I'm probably going to be a little bit more heel biased.

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Once I become aware of where I have the contact, then I can set up the same station and put the golf ball on the middle T.

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Trying to make dead-sets or contact.

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As you can see by the picture of tour pro contact, you can see that they do a great job of finding the middle of the clubface.

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You can use the T's. You can use impact spray, but I do recommend that golfers, especially as you're getting more into kind of your playing season,

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focus on where impact location is because it's a great way to get externally focused instead of being too internal thinking too much about mechanics when you're playing.

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Focus just on making on what feelings you have or what ideas you or visuals you use in order to make solid contact.

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And those tend to be a little bit more repeatable on the course under pressure.

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So with the golf ball now, with basically the shank gate in place, I'm going to try and just make contact with just the golf ball and neither T.

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Even with my foot slipping out a little bit, I was able to make contact because I've trained my heel toe awareness.

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