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Shank Gate

A gate drill is a style of drill where you put objects on the ground, on in the way of the path of the club, to change your visual or spacial awareness of what the club is doing through impact. It can be very useful for helping you become aware of the path of the club.

When you are shanking the ball, the club head is moving further away from you so that you make contact with the ball on the extreme heel of the club. While I think it is useful long term to figure out WHY you are having this, you can always use the shank gate as a way to find a playing feel and get yourself functional for the round at hand.

Tags: Poor Contact, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill video is the shank gate.

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So the shank gate is a really quick and easy way for you to help yourself get reconnected

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to where this club head is swinging.

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If you're battling the shanks, possibly just as part of your swing because you're

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late then, straight in that trail arm to early, get the club face to open for whatever

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reason, or if you're working on some shallowing pieces and getting out of these patterns,

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sometimes the shanks can creep in.

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So this is a very simple way that you can do it either on the course or on the range.

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Just to reconnect with where the club is and help you find kind of a band-aid to get

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through it until you can reassess why you're having trouble with the shank.

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So the shank gate is much easier to do outside, but I'll show you that you can do it

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indoors as well.

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Basically, I put two tees in the ground and I can make this as challenging or as easy as

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I want.

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And if I was doing this outside, I would probably put these tees a little bit further

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into the ground.

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But basically, I'm putting them about a half inch outside of the hazel and the one on the

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inside and putting on the kind of the hazel angle over the lying angle and then the wooden

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teel on the outside straight up and down and it's about a half inch away.

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So basically what I can do is I can practice as slow as I want and kind of start building

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up speed, getting the club to swing and brush the ground in the middle of the gate.

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So hopefully I can take some full swings and get the club to brush right through the middle.

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If I am shanking the ball, then or if I'm having shanks when I'm taking my swings,

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what it means is that quite simply the club is moving out towards this wooden teer

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the one further away from me.

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So if I had a golf ball here in the middle just like so and I moved out like so, I would

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shank the ball and I would just clip that wooden teer.

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So a couple things you can do is once you've got four or five swings where you're right

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in the middle of the gate, then you can actually try and purposefully hit the inside teer.

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So can I set up here and then hit the inside teer?

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Can I set up here?

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Get hit the inside teer.

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Once I make it past that challenge, I'm going to put a club where I'm going to put a golf

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ball in the middle of the two tees and now I'm going to try and do my best and not focus

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on the golf ball and just try and make it through this gate.

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So if you do it right, it should be just like the practice swings that you have been

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working on and you shouldn't hit either of these two tees.

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Now again you can challenge it and you can start yourself setting up closer to this

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wooden teer.

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So we'll put the ball close to the pink teer and I'm going to set up close to the wooden

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All I'm trying to do is get used to what it's like to have these arms or have the club

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even or slightly closer to me than where it started.

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So even though my arms are extending through the shot, I need to make sure that I'm not

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swinging the club too much out which is part of what drives this a hazzle shot or the

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So if you have to play right away, this is one that you can do on the course.

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You can just put up two tees assuming you're not playing in tournament or if you're

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on the range this is a really quick and easy way to see where your path is going and

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get you a temporary solution to fix your shanks.

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