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Playing Golf As A Feel Golfer

The feel golfer plays well, when they have a clear sense of one part of their body.

  • Hips back - are your bending from your hips?
  • relax knees
  • arms hang
  • grip (location and strength)

The feel player’s wiring is located in the brainstem cerebellum. This is an instinctual player who is naturally comfortable with executing the golf movement. This player sees the target and feels the shot in relevant parts of the body.

  • Uses body part awareness
  • Stillness, being set creates motion
  • Fluid effortless jock walk/swing
  • Feels Aids: Weighted aids, feel gadgets
  • Comfort oriented, feel dress
  • Clubs selected on feel
  • Learns by “hands on” non-verbal
  • Speech:I feel
  • Comfortable with body
  • Concentration = focus on stillness/tension
  • Swing programmed by body awareness
  • Mantra: “Don’t swing until you’re ready”
  • Stress: Being rushed/tension
  • Stay in present by finding inner quiet place
  • Hurry = bad shots
  • Eyes on ball at address
  • Key: Quietness of body awareness, intensity/relaxation
  • Create body awareness, specific body part to target
  • Stop: Visualizing/tempo
  • Start the quiet/feel
  • Continue: The silence/feel
  • Bad play = rushing, bad positions
  • Low voice. Slow talk.
  • Art, mechanics, nonacademic, entrepreneurial doers
  • Lazy Boys, Rock and Roll, Country
  • Images for Feel Players

    • Sense your joints feeling oily, like a three-in-one oil had lubricated your arms and shoulders.
    • Sense your feet feeling like you were bare-footed in warm mud.
    • Make your shoulder turn feel like an ICE SKATER in a spin move.
    • Make your club feel light as a feather or heavy as a sledge hammer.
    • Sense your hips as the motor of your golf engine.
    • Be able to feel the back of the left hand move toward the target.

    Tips for Feel Players

    Use your awareness of your body to create shots. If your key trigger point is your left hand, then create shots with your awareness of your left hand when you swing toward your target. Once you get your target (a simple quick procedure for you), take your time getting comfortable, building your nest, settle in, get quiet and then hit it!

    Wear comfortable clothes. Buy ultra comfortable shoes. Buy your clubs on how they feel. Comfort and body awareness is your deal.

    When practicing, work on your mechanics without a target. Isolate a body part, get that part in the correct position and see what happens. Don’t be afraid of changing your awareness to another body part to experiment. For feel players, hooking the ball means your upper body is going faster than your lower body. Slicing comes from the lower body out-racing the upper half. So, you might want to focus on your right knee to shape shots. Go slower for draws and faster for fades.

    The key for good play for you is getting set before you take the club back. Don’t try to visualize or work on your tempo! Use feel to play and to correct your swing errors.

    Find a feel player as your instructor. Watch Fred Couples, Ernie Els.

    The key to all of this is the answer to the question: HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN TO TAKE THE CLUB BACK?

    The feel golfer will answer, “when I feel a stillness, quietness, a peace that tells me to go.”

    For more details on this system, check out Dr. Bill Campbell's program "Hard Wired for Golf"

Tags: Mental Game

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