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Mental Game Overview

The process of hitting a golf ball can be divided into three phases:

  • Pre-shot routine (or planning)
  • Execution (or actually hitting the golf ball)
  • Post-shot routine (or responding to the feedback from the previous shot)

In the pre-shot routine, you will be primarily using left brain and making logical decisions about the shot at hand. What does the lie dictate about this shot? Where do I want this ball to end up? What trouble do I need to avoid? What shot would I be at least somewhat comfortable hitting? These are the type of questions to ask yourself as you design a plan for the upcoming shot.

In the execution phase, your goal is to be unconscious and primarily right brained. This gives you the best chance of performing a skill at your optimal level. Use triggers and consistency in your routine to create the feeling of being "automatic"

In the post-shot routine, you will go back to being a left brained golfer and analyze the shot without judgement. If you did not hit a quality shot, your goal is to decode why. Did you fail to see something in your planning, or did you simply lose focus at some part of your swing? If it was losing focus, then try and decode what specifically caused the distraction. If you did hit a good shot, your goal is to take a second to create positive imagery and reinforce that swing you just made.

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