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Sense The Swing, Don't Describe It

Even though I am not a "mental game" coach and tend to focus more on biomechanics and the technical side of golf, I will still try to pass along a few useful lessons I have gleaned regarding motor-learning and performance, when possible. One trait that I have heard several prominent mental game coaches praise is the ability to place yourself in a feeling or "receiving" state when over the golf ball. If you tend to do the opposite and start thinking words or technical positions, you are moving into a part of the brain that is not as adept at performance, adaptability, and motor control. If you are a player who falls into this category, it may be wise to spend some time working on upping your sense of feel in practice & play. Hopefully, the results will surprise you. 

Playlists: Practice Strategies, Find Your Best Swing Quickly

Tags: Practice Strategies, Mental Game, Concept, Intermediate

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