Hi. My name is Frank Lyons from upstate NY. I’m in the middle of reading your book. I’m on page 116 just starting chapter19. Just got the book 2 nights ago. Love the book so far. Great job! I also plan on becoming a paying member of your site after my trail period runs out. Great job on that as well. Today I went to the range and hit a bucket of balls with to see what my ball flight tendency’s are. BTW I used the motorcycle move on every swing. I’ve toyed with it before watching Malaska, Clay Ballard etc but your videos convinced me that I need to get that move down. Anyway, using your swing decoder my Driver shots where all solid straight pulls about 20 yards left of the target. Seven iron felt great but also 10-20 feet left of target with slight draw. Was hitting 58 degree wedges about 60 yds with 3/4 swing could of put blanket over them. Try to do your 9-3 motorcycle/ four square drill but for the life of me can’t get ball to start right and draw. Can start at middle or left and draw. Any drills you think will help I’d appreciate it. Oh, I’m 68 yrs old, 13.4 handicap, max swing speed with driver little over 100mph with playing speed 95 to 97 tend to hit middle of face.
Thank, FL